Most Popular Bimini Beaches You Must Visit

Bimini is the best district in the Bahamas. It’s a tropical paradise that helps travelers seek sun, sand, and blue waters. This island chain is well known for its stunning beaches.

If you want relaxation or blissfulness, Bimini has something to offer everyone !!!!This article will acknowledge the Best Bimini beaches to visit.

Where Is Bimini Beach?

Before we acknowledge the best beaches, it’s important to know the pinpoint location of this island chain. Bimini is situated in the best and most of the Bahamas. Behind me is just 50 miles off the coast of Florida.

Bimini combines two main islands, North Bimini and South Bimini. The district is known for the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Best Bimini Beaches To Visit

1.  Radio Beach

One of the best well-known Bimini beaches to visit is Radio Beach. Radio Beach is renowned for its crystal clear blue waters filled with marine life like tortoise corals and dolphins.

The legend of the Fountain of Youth and the Lost City of Atlantis add to its attraction. It is advised to visit it during warm and dry winter seasons.Suba diving, sunbathing, and water sports are some activities to do at Bimini beach.

Radio Beach is an urban beach offering public facilities like vendors, snack bars, and restrooms. Overall, the main aspect of Radio Beach is it’s never too crowded.

2.  Porgy Bay Beach

Porky Bay Beach is a hidden gem in north Bimini in Bailey town. It is a fantastic spot for a romantic getaway or some quality self-time. It’s an excellent place for sunbathing with a mind-boggling sunset.

Porky Bay Beach is a go-to place for adventurous people. They can engage in activities like paddleboarding, fishing, and kayaking. You can even explore the caves with the boat ride.

You can enjoy satellite facilities like gyms, spas, and private beaches with numerous restaurants in the beach vicinity. This beach has something for everyone, whether you seek relaxation or adventure !!!!

3.  Bimini Myrtle Beach

The Bimini Myrtle Beach is the best Bimini beach to visit if you are a fish enthusiast. It is the most renowned fishing beach in the Bahamas. You can even plan your day with adventurous activities like diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Indulge yourself in big game fishing, enjoy fantastic shopping and dining places, and explore Alice Town’s historical site. Bimini Myrtle Beach is highly recommended if you prefer a leisurely day at the beach.

4.  Tiki Hut Beach

Tiki Hut Beach office visitors are quiet and have a beautiful scenery atmosphere. Visitors can spend their entire day swimming in the blue waters and escape the daily stress. This beach is a haven for people who desire a natural backdrop.

Enjoy the coral reefs mangroves, bird watching, and partake in water sports. Discover ancient history and cultural heritage while walking on this beautiful beach.

5.  Spook Hill Beach

Spook Hill Beach is one of the best Bimini beaches nested in north Bimini near Radio Beach. Featuring tall palm trees and lush flowers, this beach is a paradise for people who prefer snow-white sand.

Its enchanting blue waters make it the best place to escape the world. The absence of high waves makes swimming on this beach safer, even for children. If you want to visit the beach with children, this should be your first choice.

6.  Blister Beach

Also known as Bimini Bay Beach, Blister Beach is a potential spot for swimming and snorkeling. This beach is your playground for people passionate about underwater exploration and scuba diving. You can make your dreams come true with a visit to this Bahamian treasure.

It’s quieter and less crowded, making it an excellent spot for a tranquil beach day. The shallow waters here are ideal for families with children. Blister Beach is a hidden gem worth discovering.

7.  Sturats Cover Beach

It is a must-visit for people who love water sports and activities. It is well known for its water adventures, including snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking. It is adjacent to the Marina, making it convenient for those who want to take a boat trip or embark on a fishing adventure.

The beach provides a beautiful picture-friendly background for unwinding and watching boats go by.

You can even see special fish species like dolphins around this beach. If you love adventurous water sports and want to click good photos, Sturats Cover Beach is your choice !!!

8.  SS Sapona Bimini Shipwreck

The SS Sapona Bimini Shipwreck, often referred to as the SS Sapona, is a haunting and captivating reminder of a bygone era. This shipwreck is situated off the coast of South Bimini in the Bahamas.

Though it’s not a beach, it’s a well-known aquatic tourist spot. Divers are drawn to the Bona Diminished for its historical significance and its unique and mesmerizing underwater environment.

The ship has created a thriving ecosystem for marine life as it deteriorated over time. Drivers spot various fish, including parrot fish, Angel fish, sea turtles, and rays.

The potential combination of the ship’s unique construction and its historical role mix this underwater time capsule with a unique attraction in the Bahamas.

Whether you are a seasoned driver or a tourist, a visit to SS Sapona offers immense joy. It’s a of the Best places to visit near Bimini beachthat has captured the imagination of many generations.

Top things to do in Bimini Beach

  1. Snorkeling and diving: Biminis underground water is a paradise for snorkelers and divers. You can explore the vibrant coral leaf, swim alongside colorful marine life, and discover shipwrecks on the ocean floor. Diving is one of the top things to do in Bimini Beach.
  2. Fishing: Bimini is the “sport fishing capital of the world.” The warm Gulf Stream waters offer excellent chances for deep-sea fishing, where you can reel marlin, tuna, and more.
  3. Beachcombing: Wander along the beaches and collect unique shells and sea glass. The shores of Bimini beaches are a treasure trove for beachcombers.
  4. Bimini Biological Field Station: Bimini Biological Field Station is known as Shark Lab to learn more about Iceland’s marine research and conservation efforts. Give it a visit, and you might see some baby sharks !!!!

Best Time To Visit Bimini Beaches

Bimini offers warm tropical weather year-round, but the Best time to visit Bimini beachesdepends on your preference. The big tourist season is from December to April, with mild weather and minimal rainfall. This season is an excellent time for water sports and outdoor activities.

Consider visiting during the off-peak seasons if you prefer no crowds and lower prices. The off-peak season ranges from May to November.

Remember, this is the hurricane season, so monitoring weather conditions is important if you plan to visit during this tenure. Visiting bimini in off-seasons will lead to asking a question Are Bimini beaches worth visiting?

Best Bimini Beach Resorts

Resorts World Bimini

Resorts World Bimini luxury resort offers a casino, several restaurants, and a stunning Infinity pool overlooking the beach. Resorts World Bimini features spa water activities and multiple dining options. It’s a budget-friendly restaurant, amongst others.


Hilton at Resorts World Bimini offers spacious rooms and a private beach. It’s an ideal choice for people seeking entertainment and relaxation.Hilton is one of the Best Bimini beach resorts offering budget-friendly food and rest rooms.

Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

This resort is a perfect choice for fishing enthusiasts. Located in north Bimini, it offers accommodations, dining, and marine services for every tourist.

Best Bimini Beach Clubs

Bimini Beach Club

Located at resorts World Bimini, this beach club offers a lively atmosphere with DJ’s live music and bench front parties. It is the go-to place for having a fun night out.

The Beach Bar at Hilton Bimini

Situated at the Hilton resort, the bench bar is an awesome spot for sipping cocktails and enjoying live entertainment by the sea. This bar is budget-friendly as well as has good customer reviews.

Bimini Sands Beach Club

Bimini Sands Beach Club offers a more laid-back atmosphere. Bimini Sands Beach Club is perfect for people who prefer to enjoy scenic views of the ocean.Bimini Sands Beach Club is one of the Best Bimini beach clubs .

Are Bimini Beaches Safe?

One of the tourists’ most frequently asked questions is “Are Bimini beaches safe?”. The answer is yes. Bimini Myrtle beachis a safe and welcoming destination for tourists.

Locals of Bimini are friendly and hospitable, and crime rates are low. It’s important to safeguard your belongings, and by being aware of your surroundings, you can also practice common sense safety measures.

Bimini: Is It Worth Visiting?

Bimini offers magnificent features that cater to tourists, from beautiful Tiki Hut Beach to the bustling Radio Beach. If you want to see a relaxation adventure or a bit of both, the top Bimini beaches you must visit will not disappoint you.

Blue waters and historical sites make Bimini a destination worth exploring. We hope you must have acknowledged Where are Bimini beaches? So, don’t miss the opportunity to discover these Bahamian gems.

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