Best Bahamian Drinks You Must Try

An island rich in natural resources such as flora and fauna, vibrant evergreen rainforests, beautiful and historic architecture, lovely humans, marvelous places to visit, excellent crystal clear beaches, and delicious local and continental dishes, is what the Bahamas is made of, therefore when exploring a place it is also important to try the taste of various dishes of that particular place. 

Planning a vacation is all about the destinations, resorts, climate, food, and beverages. Hence before you fix a destination make sure to check everything about the place, especially the food and not to mention drinks. This is why we made a detailed list of the types of drinks for you. If you don’t consume alcoholic drinks, you’ll still find this list useful because we have covered non-alcoholic drinks too. 

That said, do not waste your money on some boring and tasteless food therefore read this guide to learn about the best drinks around the Bahamas, you will find some must-try Bahamas drinks.   

Best Drinks of Bahamas You Should Try

Bahama Mama- this Bahama mama drink is a perfect beverage with fruits and a perfect measure of cocktail. This drink is made of coffee, dark and light rum, fresh lemon, or pineapple with a slice of preferred fruit. This particular drink has been a favorite for decades, and this beverage is made with coconut flavor in certain areas in the Bahamas. Make sure to taste this sweet cocktail with a perfect mixture of fruit during your stay in the Bahamas.

Sky Juice- a beverage that was made by the locals with whatever ingredients were available at that moment is the beginning of this delicious beverage. This is usually offered at parties, barbecues, and bars. This juice is made with coconut water, condensed milk, and gin or rum as the base, if you get this drink in a glass you will find a creamy or a frothy top but in certain places, you will get this in a coconut shell. The drink has a beautiful and spicy topping with grated nutmeg 

The painkiller- one of the best Bahama breeze drinks you will taste, this is a refreshing beverage for you as you spend a long day at the beach in the crouching sun, it is made of gin, orange juice, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. 

Pineapple upside-down Martini- made of pomegranate, vanilla-flavored vodka, and pineapple juice is a mouthwatering beverage you can have in a beach set-up. The pomegranate is first poured into the glass, and the other ingredients will be mixed into a mixer and poured on top of the red layer of pomegranate, to make this juice more colorful they add toppings such as cherries and pineapples.

Most Popular Bahamas Drinks

Although you may find some delicious drinks on the Bahamas island, certain drinks are highlighted as most popular considering the taste of it. Hence it is an added opportunity for you to try out some popular drinks on the Bahamas island to find out why those beverages have been tagged as popular, here is a list of such popular drinks. 

Switcha- it is the main drink of the Bahamas made of lime, water, and sugar. This falls into the nonalcoholic drinks of the Bahamas category. This drink is most popular in the capital of Bahamas Nassau. Switcha is paired with the dessert named duff made with dough and stuffed with fruits.

Yellow Bird- a four-layered cocktail including white rum, lime juice, triple sec, and galliano all these ingredients will be put into a shaker and strained into the cocktail glass with a slice of lime for garnishing. Some go with the idea that the drink received its name for its color while some say it’s for the tune. Whatever it is, this beverage will give you the best taste.

Goombay Smash- it is a tropical cocktail made of coconut rum, rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and apricot all these items will be poured into the cocktail glass and ice finishing off by garnishing with a slice of orange or pineapple.

Rum Punch- a mixture of sugar syrup, water, fruit juice, and rum is a classic drink that is mostly famous among the locals. Each of these ingredients is poured into the glass according to the proportion and topped with ice. To give more flavor they add grated nutmeg garnishing with a slice of pineapple. 

Alcoholic Drinks Of Bahamas

It is very important to know the rules and regulations of selecting a type of drink, when in the Bahamas you should remember to check the Bahamas legal drinking age before you start searching for the best alcoholic drinks here are some of the lists for you to check.

Kalik Beer- one of the Best alcoholic drinks in the Bahamas, this beer will give a boost to your day and this is one of the most popular beverages in the Bahamas, you will find a variety of Kalik and it can be garnished according to the preference, but the most preferred is a slice of lime.

Bahamas Barrels Wines- it is one of the best Bahamian alcoholic drinks, if you are someone looking for delicious and rich wine then this is the perfect beverage you should select. Grapes from different countries are taken and made into the perfect wine, you can also visit this wine-making place and learn more about this.   

Sands Beer- made locally with a refreshing taste, if you prefer finding Bahamas drinks with alcohol then this can be selected as it is affordable. This can be taken after a long tiring beach day or you can enjoy a can of beer with a bunch of friends.

Mojito- Mojito is one of the Best Bahamian alcoholic drinks preferred both by tourists and the locals. This beverage is made of soda, lime juice, rum, and sugar garnished with mint leaves, therefore this particular drink is both sweet and gives you a good aroma.

Best Bahamian Nonalcoholic Drinks

Some people prefer non-alcoholic beverages but when it comes to a destination it is a difficult task to get non-alcoholic drinks, but you need not worry here is a list of non-alcoholic items so If you are someone searching for Bahamas drinks without alcohol, you can go through this guide to find some delicious beverages.

Planter’s Punch- this is one of the most popular nonalcoholic Bahamian drinks you can relish during a long day, this juice is made of sugar cane, fresh lime juice, and Jamaican rum. This is one of the best drinks you can include in your list. 

Bahama Bay Breeze- this is a must-try beverage in the Bahamas, made of pineapple, lime, orange, banana, peach, and coconut rum. This is a delicious and yummy fruit drink that you and the family will love. 

Hibiscus Margarita- a beautiful and delicious beverage that is a sweet start for your meal, this Margarita is a must-try when in the Bahamas island. If you are someone who prefers a non-alcoholic delicious drink then this is the best you should go for.

Daiquiri– this is a Bahamian frozen drink made with a mixture of fruits such as bananas. Strawberry, mango, pineapple, and coconut with ice, all these ingredients will be blended till it turns smooth. The speciality of this drink is it can be taken with or without rum either way it will give a freshness.  

Cheap Alcoholic Drinks In Bahamas

While some of you prefer delicious alcoholic drinks during the vacation, it is also important to know the price ranges of these beverages therefore here are some of the cheap alcoholic drinks you will find in the Bahamas

Cocolada– a mixture of lime, pineapple, and coconut sake all these ingredients will be put into a shaker mixed well, and poured into a cocktail glass with a slice of lemon for garnishing. 

Tiramisu Tini– this one comes with an Italian touch of the desert, starting with coffee liquor, rum, and cinnamon syrup all these items will poured and shaken well, and finally will be poured into a cocktail glass with whipped cream and garnished with cocoa powder 

Seabird– a very simple and cheap drink that can be made at home too, ingredients such as gin, grape juice, and lime juice will be mixed with ice cubes and poured into a wine glass with grapefruit peel for garnishing.

Big Major Smash– a perfect blend of rum and fruits, all ingredients such as coconut, pineapple, lime, and rum will be added into the shaker with ice cubes shaken thoroughly and poured into the glasses with flowers on top for garnishing. 


The Bahamas is all about beautiful places, beautiful people, extraordinary flora and fauna, and delicious food and beverages, so when you start planning the vacation you must remember to focus on all these points.

This guide is all about the types of drinks you can find in the Bahamas, including alcoholic, non-alcoholic, cheap, and rich drinks that suit your taste buds. If you’re a travel geek, we assure you that you will not regret checking out our Bali Travel Guide

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