Best Caribbean French speaking islands you must visit

The Caribbean is recognized as an American region that encapsulates splendid beautiful islands, and rich and unique culture along landscapes. Due to the varied options and sightseeing features, it seems to be a challenging task to demonstrate the best time to visit the best French island in the Caribbean. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best French islands along with the activities that you can perform in the list of French islands in the Caribbean to experience the utmost pleasure of your journey and also get the best value for your travel spending. 

The best way to get the traveling experience is to check the language spoken on the chosen island, as each island includes its local language. The most popular language which is spoken in the Caribbean is French creating such a beautiful island as one of the most liked French islands in the Caribbean for tourists.

List of best French islands in Caribbean

  • La Martinique- flower island 

It is known to be the most ideal and perfect location that offers relaxing scenery including tropical gardens and sandy beaches. This place also incorporates some amazing and interesting historical background and attractive cultural belongings like art galleries, museums, and theaters. You can also experience the French mixed cuisine in the La Martinique flower island and perform some of the interesting activities such as scuba diving, hiking, and swimming. However, according to the traveler’s past journey experience, it can be demonstrated that most tourist chooses this island just to relax on the beautiful beaches.

  • The Guadeloupe archipelago –

This butterfly island is located in the eastern part of the French Republic including rainforest, sandy beaches, mountains, and coral reefs and falls under the best French Caribbean islands you must visit. The coastline is created with palm-fringed beaches and the interior is of active volcanoes, waterfalls, and mountains. In the Guadeloupe archipelago island, you can also do some activities like photography, hiking or kayaking, scuba diving, and swimming. This island incorporates different colorful festivals in which travelers would be able to learn about the culture and historical background of the island. Whether you are looking for a relaxed vacation or an adventurous trip, Guadeloupe Archipelago Island offers a combination of both relaxation and adventure.

  • St Martin Island– 

It is recognized as one of the friendly islands covered with beautiful beaches making it a perfect location for all sorts of travelers particularly if you are interested in golf playing. Additionally, St Martin Island offers you engaging and exciting opportunities along with different meal options available.

  • St. Barth- 

It is one of the luxurious and best Caribbean French islands which are central to the breathtaking beaches including the clear crystal water, blond sand, tropical landscape, coral reefs, and historical villages. The traveler can indulge in different water sports activities and be able to gather information about the varieties of fish species. St Barth Island also conducts several games, festivals, and movies thereby making it an ideal entertainment for all travelers.

Top things to do in French-Speaking Caribbean Islands

  1. Hike El Yunque Rainforest – You can make your way into the spectacular and vibrant flora and fauna, the wildlife a trail in the rainforest. The traveler can also make a halt at the waterfall to experience the coolness of the water and make sure to also stop at the Yokahu tower where you will be able to view seas and parks.
  2. visit to Brimstone Hill Fortress–The Brimstone Hill Fortress is well known and popular in the records of UNESCO. It was built during the 18th and 19th centuries in history. This place also incorporates the spectacular view of the seas because it lies 800 meters above. 
  3. Pigeon Island National Park: You can also visit the Pigeon Island Nation Park if you are planning to visit the best Caribbean French-speaking countries. It is one of the ideal and well-known destinations because it includes two beaches, historic ruins along an incredible viewpoint. Moreover, you can walk through the route to Rodney Bay and learn about the history written using symbols and signals.
  4. Surfing– You can also experience the unique rock formation at Bathsheba Beach, and view the skilled scuba drivers going wild in the waves.
  5. Chacchoben ruins– It is a great saying that learning about the little history during the trip is a great favor or treat, therefore you can also take the tour of Mexico Chacchoben ruins to see the cohune palms and mahogany trees and further explore the temples, courtyards and pyramids.

What is Caribbean territory?

The Caribbean island includes a vast area with 17 dependent best French Caribbean territories and 13 states. There is a combination of Spanish, French, Antillean Creole, and English languages. It is located between South America and North America covering 1.06 million square miles.

Best time to visit the Caribbean island 

The best time to visit the Caribbean island is mid-December through April; however, you have to do some research before planning to visit Caribbean islands that speak French. Depending on the climate, must-visit French Caribbean islands offer you the required, so please make sure to choose the island and the climate that perfectly aligns with your vibe.

Why are French-speaking Caribbean Islands worth visiting? 

As we have already discussed in the blog, the Caribbean island is well-known and popular for its history, culture, and beaches and thereby seems to be must must-visit vacation destination for travelers who prefer a combination of adventure and relaxation. If you are planning to visit the top Caribbean French speaking islands with your family or as a couple, you can discover varieties of islands in the Caribbean according to your preference and enjoy mouthwatering food options available at the islands.

Is it safe to travel to the French-speaking Caribbean Islands?

Yes, it is completely safe to visit the French-speaking Caribbean island, however, there are some precautionary things that you must consider in your mind while planning your trip like carrying all the important belongings, and never leaving cash at the resort. It is recommended to leave a huge amount of cash in your bank account and withdraw according to your spending and expenditure.

Make sure to get some information from some travel videos available over the Internet, and be cautious about scams or traveler previous journey experiences during their trip or stay at your chosen French-speaking islands in the Caribbean. It is quite important to look for the warning signs on the waterfalls, beaches, and other outdoors. If you are traveling individually or you are a passionate solo traveler, avoid traveling to isolated areas during the night as there may be some street crimes and theft that can take place.

Some of the other important tips that you have to follow before starting the vacation, and some do’s and don’ts in the Caribbean islands that speak French are listed below

  1. You don’t need to carry the heavy luggage during your trip and therefore pack only the important or essential things. Make your luggage light weighted so that you can easily carry them while visiting one location to other location in the French islands in Caribbean.
  2. If you are looking to experience relaxation or don’t want to spend huge amount for your trip, visit during the off season because this will help you to get protected from high pricing hotels and crowds.
  3. Cost is one of the significant factors that plays great role in planning the vacation or trip, so make sure to contact the reliable travel agency and get proper information about their prices, discount available, and policies.
  4. Never stick to one agency, always remember to compare the prices and service included in the package to get the best traveling experience within your pre-defined budget. You are also free to inquire about the top French speaking islands in Caribbean.
  5. It is quite significant to communicate with the travel agencies or tour agents regarding your requirements, best French Caribbean you must visit and their level of flexibility in the tour.
  6. Never make quick decision if you are planning trip with your family, get to know more information regarding the agencies through making inquires with people who had traveled with the selected tour agency.
  7. As discussed earlier, time is something that helps you gets the maximum experience of your journey, so it is advisable to go must visit French Caribbean Island during the off season, which helps you get the maximum and utmost benefits of your vacation in fewer budgets.

Final words

 If you are looking to visit the best Caribbean French-speaking islands, make sure to follow all the discussed things to get the best value for your money spent and experience the combination of relaxation and adventure in a single trip. Vacation always needs to be adventurous, exciting, stress-free, and fun-filled, so make sure to select the right destination and a reliable agency for making your trip booking. Additionally, always check the hotels and resorts in advance so that you can book them online and start your journey without any hassle. If you have any doubts or looking to share your opinion on the discussed topic, please drop a comment in the box available to you. Thanks for your valuable time.

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