Amazing beaches of Jacksonville Florida You Must Visit

Jacksonville is one of the most popular cities located in Florida, USA. The city is recognized as the largest city in the state. The city’s location with the sea has made Jacksonville a major water port for both civilians and the military.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best beaches of Jacksonville Florida along with activities that you can perform to get a combination of both relaxation and adventure. You might be wondering is there a beach in Jacksonville Florida where you can relax.

Most Popular beaches of Jacksonville Florida

Peter’s Point Beachfront Park

Peter’s Point Beachfront Park is filled with sand and offers a fantastic or appealing view of the sea and also provides an assortment of activities that you can perform such as horse riding and several other fun activities that make your visit more pleasing and entertaining. The park also provides picnic areas, free parking, barbeque grills, and showers for its visitors. It is one of the most preferred Jacksonville places to visit. The place attracts various travelers with its appealing atmosphere and other facilities available.

Neptune beach Jacksonville

Neptune Beach Jacksonville is known to be a small coastal community based in the northeast corner of the state which offers the tourists a fantastic and appealing atmosphere that creates an ideal sport for travelers during the summers. The beach is quite popular among travelers to witness the sunrise or sunset. There are several amazing cafes and restaurants available along the beaches, whose appetizing food could be smelled from a distance.

Little Talbot Island

Little Talbot Island is recognized as the Florida State Park, and despite being only a little over 20 miles from downtown Jacksonville, it is one of the best beaches in Jacksonville, especially for nature lovers. There is a beautiful white sand beach for surfing and swimming activities. Additionally, there are bike rentals, a campground, hiking trails, and lots of wildlife to view.

It incorporates a unique geographical feature such as Boneyard Beach covered with live oaks that has been bleached over the years. The park opens daily from 8.00 am to sunset, however, it closes when the park reaches its total capacity and there is a small fee that needs to be paid by visitors to enter the park.

American beach 

American Beach is one of the most historic beaches available near Jacksonville, Florida. During the past, African Americans were not permitted to swim or take a walk on the beaches and later, separate black areas were created for such communities. However, later this American beach became very popular through Abraham Lincoln Lewis ( 1st black millionaire and President of the Afro-American Life Insurance firm. The National Park Services owns the 8.5-acre dune. There is a need to understand that the majority of land on the American beach is held by private landholders. If you are looking to relax in the restroom, it can be found at Burney Beachfront Park. However, make sure to remember that there are no other visitor facilities or services available for the public at American Beach.

 Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is one of the beautiful Jacksonville beaches to visit in Northeast Florida. The beach is very popular for its beauty and historical background. Many historians believe that Atlantic Beach is the spot of one of the first settlements in the area. The beach provides an assortment of golf courses, cafes, and restaurants along with some other attractions that facilitate visitors to spend an amazing and pleasing time. The beach is ideal for surfing and therefore, several surfers storm this location, particularly during the summer season. Therefore, if you are planning to make your summer trip more exciting and relaxing, you can make your visit to the Atlantic beach.

Mayport Naval Station Beach

It is one of the public beaches of Jacksonville FL, located along the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of St John’s River and is 17 miles from downtown Jacksonville. Concerning its location on the Naval Station, which itself is located near the small fishing village, Mayport Naval Station Beach is generally less crowded compared to other beaches available in the area. If you are looking to spend some relaxing time, it is one of the good options to spend time on the beach with more space to spread out. 

The most salient thing about the beach is that anyone spending time on the beach gets an opportunity to view the Navy ships going in and out of port, always an impressive sight. Mayport Naval Station Beach provides several rentals including kayaks, boogie boards, BBQ grills, and fishing gear.

Fernandina Beach

It is the northernmost city along the Atlantic coast of Florida, located on Amelia Island. If you are looking for the best beaches in Jacksonville, you will surely enjoy the 13 miles of clean, white beaches coupled with cool calm water and wildlife. It comes under the category of the hidden beaches of Jacksonville FL.

 Jacksonville Beach

It comes under the category of the famous beaches near Jacksonville NC, and has a beautiful and charming coastline along with delicious cafes and restaurants. The place is usually crowded with people as visitors prefer to spend some amazing and quality time with their loved ones. The beach also offers an amazing spot for surfing known as “ The Poles “ by the locals. Travelers love to spend some quality and relaxing time where they can enjoy some delicious food items.

Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch State Park is very appealing and beautiful including the historic fort which adds an extramural charm to the place and makes it one of the best places to visit in Jacksonville Florida. It remains cool and calm throughout the day creating a perfect public beach in Jacksonville, Florida to spend time and relax with your friends and family. Some of the best facilities provided by Fort Clinch State Park are restrooms, showers, and nature trials. You can also do some other activities such as swimming and fishing which adds value to your traveling experience.

Clearwater beach

It is one of the beaches by Jacksonville FL, which has beautiful white sand, small town vibe, and crystal clear water making it a perfect destination for the family vacation on the Gulf Coast. You can spend your day by getting a snapshot of the city during the helicopter tour or even visit Caladesi Island for its unmatched natural splendor. However, make sure to remember that the Island is only accessible by boat. Moreover, you can visit one of the area’s biggest attractions which is called Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Marco Island 

Marco Island is located about 20 miles south of Naples, Florida, and is accessible via two bridges. This place entices visitors with its unique and unmatched combination of high-end resort and unspoiled habitat. Marco Island’s spotless beaches come under the category of some of the best beaches on the Gulf Coast. It is one of the best places to go in Jacksonville Florida and the Tigertail Beach Parks will captivate the attention of travelers who are looking to search for rent kayaks or seashells. On the other hand, South Marco Beach is crowded with condos and resorts that provide wide space for swimming and sunbathing.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach is one of the beautiful beaches near Jacksonville. It appeals to visitors who are looking for the friendly atmosphere of the small town along with the entertainment alternative of the large city. The Morikami Museum, Wakodahatchee Wetlands, and Japanese Gardens are places you must visit. Delray Municipal Beach is perfect for active pursuits such as paddle boarding and snorkeling. After enjoying the unmatched beauty of the beach, stroll down palm tree-lined Atlantic Avenue for a vibrant nightlife and upscale shopping

St. George Island

St. George Island is located about 75 miles southwest of Tallahassee which is recognized as the beloved retreat for people who are looking for a relaxing stay. There are zero high-rise buildings available and pristine white sand makes the town one of the few inhabited restricted islands found off of Florida Gulf Coast. You can further visit the Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park to camp, fish, kayak, and swim, and also keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like pelicans, turtles, and dolphins. This comes under the category of a pet-friendly option island with a playground, bathrooms, and picnic facilities.

Top Things to Do in Jacksonville Florida 

Some of the cool things to do in Jacksonville beaches,  while visiting the best beaches around Jacksonville Florida are walking and biking tours, tour sightseeing, culture and theme tours, and hotel and airport transfers.

To conclude 

Jacksonville is one of the most beautiful places offering different resorts, beaches, parks, and activities making it a perfect and preferred holiday destination among travelers. The culture and food option is astonishing, so if you are planning to visit Jacksonville Florida, check out some of the amazing beaches listed above. If you are looking to share your thoughts on the discussed topic, please drop your comment in the box given below.

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