Best Jamaican drinks you must try

If you are planning your trip or vacation with family in Jamaica, you will be looking for the best beaches, waterfalls, and drinks that you can enjoy there. You will be pleased to know that Jamaica has quite a few options for juices made with vitamin-packed fruits, amazing options for cocktails, local coffee, and much more which make your traveling experience more amazing.

While concerning the non-alcoholic drinks, there are several great options available that keep you hydrated and happy during your vacation, and know what famous Jamaican drinks you can try.

Best Drinks of Jamaica to Check Out

1- Tia Maria

It is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks in Jamaica, which is made from Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It is a delicious liqueur that integrates two famous Jamaican products, i.e. coffee and rum to make an exquisitive Jamaican alcoholic drink.

You must know that Tia Maria is produced in Italy, but Tia Maria producers still import authentic Blue Mountain coffee and Jamaican rum from halfway nationwide to create this classic drink. Tia Maria is known to be the tastiest alcoholic drink when combined with banana liqueur, coffee, and dark rum to make the super delicious and trendy Dirty Banana cocktail. Therefore, if you are visiting Jamaica, Tia Maria is one of the most popular alcoholic Jamaican drinks you must try.

2- Jamaican Rum

Rum is one of the iconic Jamaican drinks that is associated with Jamaica and the surrounding Caribbean region, rum or more specifically Jamaican rum. The buccaneers and pirates have probably given rum its start in Barbados, but still it is the most preferred and loved liqueur in Jamaica. Jamaican rum is full-bodied and fruity flavored with a rich funk aroma making it unique among the different types of rum brands. The Jamaican rum is made by the process of fermenting the yeast and sugar cane in a mixture of lime water. It includes an alcoholic content that ranges between 40% and 75 % alcohol which is notoriously strong, however, it is identified as the smoothest rum you have ever tasted.

3- Jamaican Rum Crème

Jamaican Rum Crème is most similar to other rum crème varieties that are available throughout the Caribbean. It falls under the category of traditional Irish cream liqueur and is one of the best alcoholic drinks in Jamaica having a unique island twist. It is produced from authentic Jamaican rum, coffee, coconut extract, and cream along with some best or top-secret ingredients.

You will be delighted to enjoy it on ice, by itself, or as an additive in a cocktail. This Jamaican Rum crème is available readily because of the two major Jamaican Rum Crème producers, O’Riley’s and Sangster’s that help to produce this delicious liqueur on a large scale. It is found that Jamaicans love to debate on the topic “Which brand of Jamaican Rum Crème is the best”. 

This drink promises to be a delight to the taste buds no matter which brand you choose.

4:- Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are well known for their beauty, agility, and quick movement. In a real scenario, these hummingbirds are quicker than most people would be able to click a good snap off, however fortunately, it doesn’t apply to the hummingbird cocktail available on Jamaican beaches. This famous Hummingbird cocktail is made with Rum cream and Appleton Special. This is known to be a simple cocktail that is filled with Jamaican flavors and you will surely love to have it while relaxing on the island.

5:-. Purple Rain

While looking for cocktails to enjoy, Purple Rain is one of the Best Jamaican drinks you must try. You can try it yourself during an exotic break at a luxurious resort set by the seaside. While concerning the all-inclusive beach resorts in Jamaica, the Purple Rain cocktail is the most loved and guest favorite drink. According to the travelers, this delicious and smooth cocktail is as mesmerizing and vibrant as a Prince song that goes by the same name.

This purple rain cocktail is typically made with grenadine syrup, lime juice, vodka, and blue Curacao. It is therefore considered that Purple Rain might be best enjoyed in a swim-up bar available at all-inclusive resorts by the ocean.

6- Soursop Juice

 Soursop pulp helps to make tasty and appetizing juices that are known to be one of the traditional Jamaican drinks that travelers love. It is a fresh and refreshingly thick fruit juice made from the Soursop plant. This plant grows abundantly all across Jamaica. It is a blend of pineapple, citrus, and strawberry flavors. It comes under the category of nonalcoholic drinks in Jamaica.

Soursop juices are often paired with lime juice or condensed milk and vanilla in order to produce a hint of tanginess or sweetness, according to your preference. It doesn’t matter how you like to try this most popular non-alcoholic Jamaican drink, you will never go wrong with a tall glass of juice to relax in the Caribbean sunshine.

7- Sorrel Tea

If you are someone who doesn’t like alcohol and beers, Sorrel tea is one of the best non alcoholic drinks in Jamaica. It is a healthy herbal tea that is rich in minerals and Vitamin C. This unique and popular reddish purple–colored tea is made from the dried hibiscus blooms which are very famous in Jamaica, Africa, and Latin America.

As we know each region has its methodology or technique of blending the ingredients in order to make a unique blend of hibiscus tea. This Jamaican herbal tea combines lime soda, ginger, spices, ice, and sugar to make a refreshing summertime drink which you will surely love if you are visiting Jamaican beaches during the summer season. 

However, it is known that the hibiscus flower is odorless, but once the essence of the plant is extracted and mixed into a drink, it turns into a zesty citrus-like concoction which is perfect for bracing the Caribbean summer heat. Moreover, Jamaica Sorrel tea is a mainstay on the table during the festive holidays like Christmas and New Year throughout the island making it a significant part of the Jamaican culture.

8:- Jamaican Zombie

As the name might sound ghoulish, Jamaican Zombie is the fun-loving cocktail that incorporates some of Jamaica’s best spirits to make a perfect concoction to party all night long. This cocktail was invented by Donn Beach, credited with initiating the Tiki culture movement. This Jamaican Zombie drink is typically made from Jamaican brown and white rum, lime juice, and pineapple juice along with a hint of grenadine. Moreover, it is found that some of the bartenders are known to include a dash of bitters in order to counteract the fruit juice sweetness level. It comes under the category of strong drinks because of the high alcoholic content, this Jamaican drink is however certainly not for the faint-hearted.

9:- Planter’s Punch

Planter’s Punch is also known as Jamaican rum punch which is one of the cheap alcoholic drinks of Jamaica, however still a favorite cocktail menu item for bars all across the world. This is a very simple, delicious, and cheap Jamaican drink that you must try while visiting Jamaica.

The recipe of Planter’s punch varies from establishment to establishment as every place includes its own twist to this classical Jamaican cocktail. You will get some combination of local plantation and fresh tropical juices along with the splash of grenadine keeps things sweet.

10:- Jamaican Bag Juice

The Jamaican version of cordial, bag juice is a cheap non-alcoholic drink of Jamaica that is made with syrup and water and sold in a bag. It is a sugary, cheap, and refreshing drink available in Jamaica and can be found easily on every street corner in brightly colored varieties. 

It is very popular among schoolchildren due to its sugar hit. This Jamaican bag juice is also considered a simple thirst quencher for anyone wandering around on a bright sunny day. You can simply pick one of these vibrant Jamaican drinks to get a delicious sweet treat to put a pep in your step.

Which is a famous alcoholic Jamaican drink?

If you are looking to find the answer to which is a famous alcoholic drink? The answer to your question is Tia Maria, which is made from Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Legal drinking age in Jamaica 

Jamaica’s legal drinking age is 18 years which indicates that if you are 18 years old or over, you are legally permitted to purchase or drink alcohol in Jamaica. It is significant to understand that there are some restrictions and exceptions available when it comes to the legal drinking age in Jamaica.

Final words

These are some of the best Jamaica drinks with alcohol available from which you can choose according to your preference to make your vacation more fun-loving and relaxing. However, if you are looking to try Jamaica drinks without alcohol, still there are a few options available to you. If you want to share your suggestion on the discussed topic, please drop a comment in the box available to you. Thanks for giving your valuable time!

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