Best Caribbean drinks you must try

Caribbean drinks are known to be one of the best drinking options all across the world which ranges from the tropical sweetness of coconut water to the vibrant tang of mango juice. In this blog, we will discuss some of the Best Caribbean drinks you must try and experience unique and refreshing tastes.

Therefore, all you have to do is take a comfortable seat, stay calm, and embark on a journey exploring some of the finest summer drinks on the Caribbean islands. While the US may require you to be 21 years old to drink, and typically Caribbean legal drinking age is under 21 in other countries.

Summer Drinks

Coconut Water

Coconut water is known to be one of the most popular non alcoholic Caribbean drinks  that you can try during the summer season. You can quench your summer thirst by choosing a hydrating and natural sweet taste of coconut water. By enjoying the refreshing and light taste of coconut water you can keep yourself hydrated during the hot summer season. The drink is a great option for re-energizing as it incorporates helpful electrolytes making it perfect for a midday boost.

Mauby Drink

You can cool your summer thirst with a sip of Mauby, which is a traditional Caribbean drink that tantalizes the taste buds. It is greatly popular in Trinidad and Tobago due to its unique taste. The Mauby drink is a refreshing drink which is made from the bark of the Mauby tree. It delights the taste buds by integrating species like aniseed, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and clove. It gains its deliciousness from being sweetened with either condensed milk or sugar. It comes under the category of Caribbean drinks without alcohol.

The flavor profile of Mauby drink can range from bitter to sweet depending on the preparation method. It doesn’t matter whether you like your drink plan or with added flavors, there is one thing that never changes which is its thirst-quenching quality which will keep you cool and refreshing all summer.

Mango Juice

You can treat yourself to the succulent sweetness of mango juice and the most salient feature is that it is a tropical flavor that takes you on an exotic getaway. The Caribbean island favorite is made from juicy mangoes and ripe that is blended into a smooth beverage. Whether you like your drink chilled or over ice, Mango juice is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks of the Caribbean available for hot days spent soaking up the sun.

Sorrel Drink

You can experience a one-of-a-kind taste of the Caribbean with Sorrel Drink which is a flavorful and aromatic beverage that is perfect for all occasions. The sorrel drink is made from sorrel leaves which are boiled with species like allspice, cloves, nutmeg; ginger, and orange peel producing a slightly sweet yet tart flavor. The vibrant color of the Sorrel drinks makes it more captivating to the eyes.


You can unlock a unique sensation with Ting which is an iconic Jamaican grapefruit soda that has become a beloved favorite throughout the Caribbean. Moreover, you can transport your buds to paradise with the tart and sweet goodness of the refreshing summertime drink. It is a bright and citrusy drink that can quench your thirst and offer an instant rush of summer vibes. It is known to be one of the royal Caribbean drinks.

Pineapple Juice

You can indulge in the delightful combination of tart and sweet flavors of pineapple juices that can take you to a place that combines satisfaction and calmness. Pineapple juice is a trendy summer drink that is very easy to make and seems to be incredibly refreshing. You will witness locals cooling off with a glass of pineapple juice on a hot day. Pineapple juice is known to be a symphony of flavors that are enough to brighten your day. This most popular Caribbean drink has a unique flavor profile making it a perfect option for your refreshing summer drink.

Healthy Caribbean Drinks

Guava Juice

You can experience a taste of the tropics with guava juice which is packed with essential minerals and vitamins. It is demonstrated that islanders have loved the sweet and tangy flavor of exotic fruits for centuries. The guava juice is perfect for summer months which is bursting with tropical flavor and introduces a hint of the Caribbean to every sip. You can get a burst of sunshine with guava juice paired with tropical fruits like mango and pineapple making it perfect for hot summer days.

Passion Fruit Juice

You can also sip on some passion fruit juice and get an intense, sweet-tart flavor that will surely tantalize your taste buds. It is a popular Caribbean fruit loaded with essential vitamins A, B6, C, and K, including potassium and magnesium.  This juice is known to be an excellent source of hydration and nourishment for the body making it one of the must try Caribbean drinks.

Soursop Juice

Soursop is native to Central America and the Caribbean which is an ideal drink for people looking for a healthy and refreshing summer beverage. Soursop is a fruit that has a delicious flavor that is both sweet and sour. Moreover, it incorporates essential nutrients that make it a good nutritious option. It can be made easily at home as well; all you have to do is combine Soursop with some water and ice cubes. ( Sugar-optional).

Papaya Juice

Papaya is a delicious tropical fruit that grows abundantly in the Caribbean and its juice is a very famous refreshing summer drink. It can be made into a nutritious and delicious juice that is perfect for cooling down during the summer season. The combination of tart and sweet flavors in papaya makes it an excellent ingredient to add to the smoothies of blended drinks. If you add some extra kick to its flavor, you can add some lime juice or honey for sweetness.

Carrot Juice

You can taste the earthy sweetness of Carrot Juice and take your taste buds on an amazing, and invigorating journey. It is a healthy and refreshing drink that is very popular throughout the Caribbean islands, especially in Jamaica. You can also make carrot juice at home by blending carrots with water which is usually sweetened to enhance its flavor. It incorporates mild, earthy flavors that are quite identical to freshly pressed carrot juice.

Cucumber Juice

It is a refreshing drink that is prepared by blending cucumbers with sugar, honey, and lemon juice making it a delicious sweet and tart beverage. It is a great way to cool down during the hot days in the Caribbean islands. The most salient feature of the juice is its light flavor as it is not too sweet like other juice making it an ideal accompaniment to any dining option.

Other Drinks Options

If you are looking for the alcoholic drinks of the Caribbean, you can find good options available which make your experience more soothing.


Rum is recognized as the quintessential Caribbean spirit and a big part of the local drinking culture of Caribbean islands. Jamaican rum is iconic and it is known that Jamaica makes enough rum each year to fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Jamaican rum is a rich, strong, sweet, and mind-blowing addition to tropical fruits drinks, and cocktails making a breezy Jamaican flavor.  Jamaican rum is a special party because it includes high-quality standards for creating Jamaican rum. It falls under the category of most popular Caribbean drinks you must try.

Jamaican rum is prepared using all-natural, GM0-free yeast, and at no point in the process is sugar included. All the Jamaican rums are naturally sweet because it is found to be illegal to add sugar to them. Cuba is also very popular for its rum brands, Havana Cuba is a brand introduced in the year 1934 that is globally known and definitely a must-try drink when visiting Cuba.

Ponche Crema | Ponche de Crème | Coquito | Kremas

If you are planning your vacation to the Caribbean islands in December, make sure to try drinking Royal Caribbean Ponche Crema in Aruba, Ponche. It is quite similar to eggnog and its main ingredients include Caribbean rum, egg, sugar, milk, and spices like nutmeg, lemon rind, vanilla, and cinnamon.

  Coffee Liqueur

Tia Maria is a dark Jamaican coffee liqueur which is known to be one of the best Caribbean drinks with alcohol that is made using Jamaican coffee beans, sugar, rum, and vanilla beans. All the ingredients are blended to an alcohol content of 20 perfect. Moreover, Tia Maria is fragrant and full-bodied while the usual note incorporates aromas of coffee and vanilla.

Final words

Whether you are health-conscious or a wine lover, Caribbean islands have a great assortment of drinking options including Cheap alcoholic drinks of the Caribbean for all travelers. If you are planning your vacation during the summer days, make sure to try out some of the above refreshing drinks which will keep you cool down and refreshing during your stay. If you are looking to know what is a famous Caribbean drink,  try out the Jamaican rum, one of the finest rums. If you want to share your views and thoughts on the discussed topic, please drop a comment in the box available to you. Thanks for your valuable time!

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