Best Places To Go For 21st Birthday

Turning 21 is a huge compliment and a milestone, so making it a memorable one is very important, there are so many things you can do to create a lively 21st Birthday. So if you have a question about where you should go for your 21st birthday, here are some of the best places you can travel either solo, in a group, or as a family.

Where to go on your 21st birthday?

Savannah, Georgia 

Savannah, Georgia is one of the best places for a perfect fun-filled birthday celebration around the USA, you can have a drink to start the day and then take a stroll through the streets of Savannah, and there are candy shops that have a varieties of candies. 

You can get to know about the historic places here and even get a beautiful picture at the park. Do not forget to have a delicious dinner at the best restaurant here. Make the day more special by ending at the piano bar where they will have live piano music with drinks.

Austin, Texas 

Austin, Texas is one of the best places to go for a 21st birthday. You can make your day more special by visiting with friends. As the place has something to offer, the city is packed with colorful nightlife, live music, and some beautiful and cool attractive places. You can begin the day by having a delicious taco at the restaurants and then head off for some shopping. 

The city is made of beautiful vintage shops and cute cafes so make sure to stop by it to get some cool pictures. One of the best parts of this place is the south Congress Avenue Bridge where you will get the perfect sunset experience. You can finish off the birthday celebration by heading out to the lively nightclubs that will entertain you the whole night. 

Louisville, Kentucky 

Louisville, Kentucky this place is known as the best place for Bourbon, so take a walk to the urban bourbon trail and experience it lively. Also if you are a baseball fan you can visit the museum and learn about the game and even get to see the famous baseball bat. Finally, end the day with a refreshing drink and relax by the park. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina a fun-filled city with a beach, this is a perfect place for you to enjoy with your group, start by renting a beach house and relax the whole day. The next day you can enjoy a horse ride, a food tour or shopping as the city has everything you need. The city has affordable activities and places for a perfect 21st birthday celebration. Make sure to end the celebration with a rooftop brunch at the famous restaurants. 

Best Places To Celebrate 21st Birthday

Celebrations are a vital part of our lives, and when it comes to birthdays it is very special. 

Hence to make it more special check out the best places to travel for a 21st birthday. 

Las Vegas: if you prefer a pool party and nightclub entertainment then this is the best place you can visit. As 21 is considered the legal age to have drinks, you can get some drinks and enjoy the entertainment at the club’s party the whole night. But Vegas is not only about drinks and parties, it has many fun activities such as musical shows and exhibitions, especially Titanic exhibitions where you can learn more about the Titanic. 

New York City: to make the celebration more special go to New York, the city is adorned with beautiful captivating places and entertainment. You can start the day with delicious meals and refreshing cocktails. Make sure to enjoy the breakfast on the rooftop by overlooking the great New York Empire. During the day you can engage in shopping, more delicious meals, visit a park, or take a stroll through the streets and call it a day by sipping some cold beer.

New Orleans: if you have planned to visit places with your gang, then head off to New Orleans and just keep on exploring, you will surely fall in love with the beauty of the city. This is the most fun and engaging place to boost the celebration with many fun activities around the place. Try celebrating the birthday with delicious beignets instead of traditional cakes, and the delicious meals they offer in the restaurants. And at night you can listen to some jazz music and call it a day. 

Miami: a well-planned night of entertainment and a beach day is what you can experience here. This place turns beautiful during the winter season, forget about the cold and hire a boat and enjoy sailing and fishing. Miami also has some incredible artistic creations in Wynwood walls, also you can taste some delicious meals and get a refreshing cocktail to add more memories to the day. 

Fun Places To Go For Your 21st Birthday

Birthdays are meant to be fun, so if you are looking for some fun and top 21st birthday destinations here is a list of places that will ensure a memorable Birthday Bash. 

  • Macau – it is situated in Southern China and is a very beautiful city for people looking to celebrate a unique Birthday. From luxury casinos to delicious meals of both European and Chinese cuisines. When in Macau try their street food that has a very different taste, especially egg tarts. Apart from all these, there are a variety of activities like poker, concerts, shows, and nightclub parties. 
  • Barcelona – it is in Spain. Ideal to celebrate the day with family and friends so head off to Spain, a city with beautiful places and a beach vibe. The neighborhoods are very friendly and unique hence make sure you visit them. You can enjoy paddleboarding, surfing, and other water games, to enjoy the maximum plan of at least a 5-day tour. 
  • Mardi Gras – it is in New Orleans, US. It is one of the best places to go 21st birthday, a place with amazing nightlife, attractive architecture, and interesting ancient stories. During the day you can enjoy the stunning view of the city and do some shopping, and at night you can enjoy the fun and entertainment at the clubs. 

But your birthday will not be complete without visiting Frenchmen Street which has melodious music by famous singers. Planning a three-night trip is better as you will have a lot to see.

  • Naples – it is in Italy Italy. Also, it is one of the most beautiful destinations everyone prefers, and to celebrate a memorable 21st birthday this is one of the top places to go for my 21st birthday. Naples is similar to Italy with a beautiful working class on the busy streets, and vehicles beautifying the roads. 

Also, the food and items here are very cheap and affordable. Here you will be having the best Pizza. To add more colors to the celebration take a train trip to visit the neighborhoods and along the way make sure to taste some delicious ice cream and get some splendid photographs. At least two-night trips are needed for a fun-filled celebration. 

21st Birthday Trip Ideas

Planning a proper birthday is important, to get a proper and neat Celebration you need to focus on every minute of things, and when it comes to your 21st birthday it is more special hence here are some 21st birthday vacation ideas to plan while you host the party away from home.

  • Adventure is one of the best 21st birthday holiday ideas to engage the whole family or friends, it can be camping, surfing, snorkeling, or wildlife watching to make sure you will enjoy the selected adventure. Also if you are someone who likes sports then book a live sport like cricket, rugby or Formula Race.
  • Nature connecting to nature is never a waste of time or energy, if you want to get lost in wildlife, take a tour to South Africa, or if you prefer to watch the pyramids go to Egypt and head over to watch the Northern Lights that will surely add more memories to the day.
  • Driving take a long ride through the streets of your preferred city, if you can take a ride through the streets of Cuba you will witness some incredible and attractive sceneries and nature, you can stop for a coffee or even a meal. You can plan it for a week with friends or family.
  • Camping is one of the most loved and preferred trip ideas for the 21st celebration as it allows you to get connected with nature and enjoy the peace and calm of the surroundings. Moreover, it allows you to be yourself and enjoy the nightlife with nature. It will be more fun if you take your gang and enjoy the celebration.


Turning 21 is all about enjoying more and taking up more responsibilities, so make sure to give the maximum to your birthday and make it one of the most memorable days of your life, this guide will give you solutions for where to go on your 21st birthday. Before you leave, make sure to read our blogs on travel tips so that you don’t have to stress yourself on your birthday, isn’t it? 

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