Best nude beaches of Australia you must visit 

Australia is a country that has more beaches than any other nation globally. The country has more than 10,000 beaches from coast to coast making it an ideal place for someone who is looking to plan a trip or vacation with families and loved ones. The most significant thing is that the best beaches in Australia can be easily reached from the major cities or even we can say that different major cities have their beautiful beaches. In this blog, we will discuss the best-naked beaches in Australia so that you can select them for your perfect vacation in Australia.


It is one of the magnificent beaches of Sydney which is often overshadowed by the bigger names of Manly and Bondi. It seems to be an ideal place where you can experience more relaxation and adventure. The beach includes a park, and bushwalk making it a good option if you are planning your trip with your family. The picturesque pedestrian suspension was constructed in the year 1910 which connects both sides of the narrow inlet.


Seven Mile Beach is one of the top nude beaches in Australia you must visit which has everything that most travelers want from the beach. At the northern end, under the dozey watch of Gerroa, you will be able to discover languid gentle wavers and flat stretches of squeaky sand. If you are an adventure lover or looking to do something different, you can grab a mosey and lilo down the river to the gentle beach break. It also includes an interesting history making it an ideal place for planning your trip where you can get a combination of fun-loving activities and a relaxing atmosphere..


It is recognized to be the single largest victim of embarrassment of riches. If you are at Zenith Beach, you can stroll with a coffee purchased from the Shoal Bay cafes in hand through the stretch of Aussies bush to be greeted by a crescent beach protected by two peaks standing guard at either end of the beach. Make sure to remember that it is an unpatrolled beach so only experienced strong beach swimmers can take a dip.


Smith Beach is southern ocean facing however the assortment of waves on the idyllic slice of penguin-peppered island is deceiving which makes it one of the best beaches in Australia. Green novices and salted suffers all discover a great wave while the non-board rider can frolic in the shoreline or rock holes. It can be demonstrated that Philip Island is a sublime slice of Victoria which is filled with small and comfortable holiday homes along with some luxury villa options available, emerging foodie outlets, and penguins along military museums. It can be concluded that Smith Beach is one of the best options for all types of beachgoers.


Suppose, you ask any Victorian for the best nude beaches in Australia in the state, Norman Bay Beach will be mentioned first because of its astonishing beauty and relaxing atmosphere.. Kids will be able to spend hours and days, beach cricket, snorkeling, building sand castles, and body surfing.


Noosa Main Beach is known to be one of Australia’s nude beaches which is a magnificent spot for both people-watching and aquatic sandy leisure. The soundtrack of the lapping of gentle waves on Queensland only northerly facing and soothing for the exhausted elites who are brought to this beachside destination that delivers a great combination of food, sun, surf, wine, and all-around counting blessings relaxation. It has been found that the Noosa beach boardwalk is rammed with more activewear in comparison to Lona Jane’s attic.

If you are looking to spend a perfect day at Noosa Main Beach, you have to combine a walk, run, or stroll through the Noosa Headland National Park with snorkel, swim, or paddle board on the beach followed by lunch or even shop on Hasting St, and dinner back on Noosaville or Sunshine beach if you are inspired to leave the indulgent milieu.


It is known to be one of the best Australian naked beaches. The most surprising thing about the beach is that it is not on the coast. It is a perched lake which is fed only by rainwater. The beach has been ringed by talcum-soft white sand which means travelers can dive into iridescent green water that becomes coffee-stained when you move deeper. Along with such, if you are looking for an additional touch, you can rub your valuables in wet white silica for free jewelry cleaning.


Whitehaven Beach falls under the category of top nude beaches in Australia for planning your trip with your loved ones. The beach has turquoise water and binding white sand that stretches for more than 6 kilometers. It comes under the category of best Australian beaches naked. The sand is 98 percent silica, offering its pure and clear whiteness. Whitehaven Beach is protected by the Whitsunday Island National Park which makes it not only a wilderness area but also one of the cleanest and best beaches in Queensland,


Tasmania’s best nude beaches for couples make the global list of best beaches with such regularity that becomes blasé regarding beauty and perfection. You can walk to the top of The Hazards, a spectacular mountain range that is known to climb steeply from water to discover the northern edge of Wineglass Bay, to peer down on this exquisite beach. If you are planning your honeymoon or looking for a romantic trip with your partner, you can stay at Wineglass Bay and create some unforgettable memories.


If you ask the locals, especially if they reside around the northern side of Tasmania about the best beach, they will definitely respond to Boat Harbour Beach. The beach is protected from the wind by the rocky headlands on both sides of the beach. The north-facing and gentle slope offers a gentle wave and some rock-hole exploring will be a good choice in this stunning geology of the headland.

11. Dendy Beach, Melbourne

Dendy Beach is located in the affluent bayside neighborhood of Brighton which is recognized as one of the most iconic and best Australian beaches nude in Melbourne. The beach is popular for the brightly colored Brighton Bathing Boxes which lime the beach and captivate a large number of tourists each year. 

There are some private properties, so make sure that you cannot enter, however, you can take a peek from the beach. The historic bathing boxes make Dendy Beaches one of the best nude beaches in Australia. The beach is in Melbourne, so you can take the train to Middle Brighton and walk or even pick up an Uber to Dendy Beach and explore the beauty of the beach to make your vacation more fun-loving and hassle-free. The beach falls under the category of best topless beaches in Australia.

12. Coogee, Sydney

Coogee is one of the best neighborhood booming beaches in Sydney. The resident can start or end the day with a swim and even spend the weekend lounging on the beach, the parkland available behind the beach, or bar hopping while experiencing and enjoying beach views. It is also recognized as the endpoint for the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. After swimming, you can also enjoy the view of the beach from Coogee Pavilion which is a glamorous beach restaurant and bar. If you are a food lover or wine lover, the restaurant and bar have some special cuisine that makes your travel experience more fun-loving and hassle-free.

13. St Kilda Beach 

Saint Kilda Beach is known as Melbourne’s most popular neighborhood and buzzing beach beachfront which is ideal for people who are planning their vacation with family. The beach is just a minute away from the heart of the city centre, however, it includes a carnival-like beachside atmosphere. Additionally, it comes under the list of the most lively beaches in Australia and seems to be a great destination to enjoy a beachside picnic with family while watching the sunset over the water. The visitors can also swim here, however, try to avoid it because it is a bayside water and still quite close to the city.


Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Australia for a fun-loving and hassle-free experience, above are some of the best-naked beaches in Australia where you can visit and explore the beauty of beaches according to your preference. Each beach has its own beauty and atmosphere so you can choose it accordingly. If you have any doubts or want to share your thoughts on the discussed topic, please drop a comment in the box available to you. 

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