Best nude beaches in Europe you must visit

There are almost more than hundreds of beaches available on the European Mediterranean coast which makes it quite challenging to create a list of the Best nude beaches in Europe you must visit. However, in this blog, we have tried to include the best or most preferred beaches of Europe by past travelers.

  1. Haukland Beach, Norway

Haukland Beach is rearing up out of the Norwegian Sea such as dragon backbone, the island of Lofoten off Norway’s northwest coast is an Arctic dream. The beach falls under the category of the best-naked beaches in Europe because of its spiky granite peaks thrust above the creamy sands and sapphire sea. The water available is very chill and never hits more than 15 degrees Celsius; however, you will be itching to jump in all the same.

2. Cala Goloritzè, Italy

Cala Orosei is well known for its coastal beauty, however, some of the beaches make you gasp out loud with snow-white pebbles making their way to the sea of purest aquamarine blue. Limestone cliff just above the bay, like Monte Carrodi, a 148-meter needle of rock beloved by climbers. You can reach it by boat or on the boat Cala Golorize Trail.

3. West Beach, Scotland

It is out of the limp in the North Atlantic, the Outer Hebrides stash away some of the remote beaches of Europe. West Beach is located on the wee isle of Berneray which is divine and also most preferred by travelers who are looking for relaxation. You can reach this ravishing three-mile expanse of white sand by dunes and wind-bent machair grass and slide gently into a turquoise sea. It is generally empty however for seabird trilling overhead along with occasional porpoise or otter.

4. Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

 Nissi Beach is one of the naked beaches in Europe which is a 50-meter stretch of white sand located at the south-eastern tip of the Republic of Cyprus. It is known to be one of the most iconic beaches of the island nation and quite popular among travelers and locals alike therefore it seems to get quite busy in the warm summer months. If you are looking to escape the crowds, you need to plan your visit between mid-April and May and September to mid-October.

Nissi Beach is a part of Ayia Napa resort town which has gained immense popularity due to its crystal clear shallow water sparking in turquoise hues, and white sandy coastline making it one of the best-naked beaches in Europe. The myriad of cool facilities and a great assortment of water sports activities add great value to this beach attraction. If you are looking for accommodation you can choose any 4-star rating beach resort which will surely pique your interest.

5. Greece – Elafonisi Beach, Crete

Hellas is home to some of the best beaches in Europe, therefore selecting the most preferred beach seems to be quite a daunting task, however, Elafonisi Beach is one that will surely meet your requirements and provide you with a hassle-free experience if you are looking for some relaxation. The beach is located at the southwestern property of the largest Greek island, Crete. Elafonisi Beach’s portion is covered in pink sand which seems to be a rare thing.

The beach boasts the vibes of a remote oasis, however, in reality, it can be reached by car and there are some amenities available such as public toilets. If you want to avoid the droves of sun worshipers, you need to plan your trip in the low season and ensure to check the weather forecast beforehand because strong winds can ruin your traveling experience of visiting one of the nude beaches of Europe,

6. Italy – Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

Sicily is a mecca when it comes to top beaches in Europe. Scala dei Turchi means star of the star of the Turks because it is one of the most exquisite beaches. The coast is unique in its composition which is made up of marks and contributes to its white color which perfectly contrasts with the turquoise hues of the water and blue skies. It comes under the category of the best Mediterranean beaches. 

The limestone beach is located among two sandy stretches and seems to be easily accessible from SP68 road and several amenities can be found nearby such as snack bars, public restrooms, and restaurants. If you are looking to spend the night at the beach nearby, you can book a 4-star hotel or property named Puntamjata which is only a 6-minute away from the white coastal gem.

7. Malta – Blue Lagoon, Comino

 It has been seen that the small island nation of Malta is generally overlooked, however, it is home to some of the best Mediterranean beaches. Comino is the smallest island where a gorgeous tuquiose colored lagoon can be found with small and picturesque surroundings making it a beautiful beach. It comes under the category of best European beaches nude because of its remarkable warm waters, peaceful vibes, and remoteness.

It is recommended to avoid visiting the beach during peak season if you are planning your trip with family and opt for a low-season visit because you won’t have to share the narrow crowds via large cruise ships. The Comino hotel is near the beach which is only operational between May and October.

8. Algarve’s Praia do Carvoeiro

This magnificent beach is one of the best European beaches located just a few steps away from the center of the old fishing village having an identical name. The beach is an ideal choice for people who are looking for comfort as being close to bars, restaurants, and shops. You can rent sunbeds, hop on boat tours to explore more areas from the sea, or even partake in water sports activities.

The beach’s convenient location has added the charm of white houses along with red-tiled rooftops resting on the two bordering cliffs. However, the beach is far from a spacious area, it is not very crowded. If you are at a beach nearby, it is recommended to drop by Algar seco, a fascinating nature site with alluring rock formations, a blowhole, and some of the top viewpoints in the area.

9. Spain – La Viborilla, Benalmádena

If you are looking to experience peace and tranquility during your holiday, La Viborilla is near the town of Benalmadena where you will have a great experience. The European nude beach is surrounded by woodlands and palm trees, which make you feel like your own secluded lagoon. 

The beach includes some of the basic amenities like a casual beachfront restaurant serving up the regional cuisine along with some gorgeous sunset views. If you are an adventure lover, wander away from the beach and look to explore the majestic coves hidden within the cliffs.

If you are visiting the beach, there is a property that is 4 km away named Holiday Hydros Boutique Spa and Wellness Hotel, there are upscale amenities such as a bowling alley, gym, and complete service spa with an indoor pool.

10.  Olüdeniz Beach

It seems to be a generous stretch of sand dotted by sun lounges and umbrellas which is bordered by the transparent water of the sea making you instantly feel that you have landed in paradise. The cafes, bars, and restaurants are at your disposal to enjoy completely along with a handful of other coastal amenities available. There are some of the coolest available in which you can partake such as tandem paragliding, and admiring the beautiful shoreline and green hills. Ecclesia Boutique Hotel offers an adult-only lodging option that is just a few minutes away from the beach, including an on-site spa center and Turkish hammam where you can delve.

11. Germany – Warnemünde Beach

Germany however not be popular for its beaches, but is believed that coastline along the Warnemude beach is undeniable place among some of the best Northern beaches in Europe it is an impeccably clean sand beach and enjoyed fullest during very hot summer months, when extreme heat is balanced out through the wind and the chilly waters of Baltic Sea.

The beaches are lined by several bars, cafes, restaurants, and other public amenities and boast the most modern accessible beach entrance for people who are looking to enjoy and rank among the best beaches in Europe. The annually held maritime festival takes place in July, introducing vibrant vibes to the coastal town of Rostock. It comes under the category of best European naked beaches.


Therefore, if you are planning your trip to Europe to experience the beachside view or spend some quality time with your loved ones, above are some of the best beaches in Europe available where you can spend your vacation or trip . If you have any suggestions over the discussed topic, please drop a comment in the box available to you.

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