Best resorts in Canada all-inclusive

If you are planning your trip to Canada it means that you are heading outdoors and spending a great time among the bountiful nature that characterizes the nation. There are several accommodation options when it comes to choose the best resorts in Canada all-inclusive which makes it a daunting task to choose the right one. In this blog, we will have some of the best options available so that you can choose the desired property that aligns with your requirements and defined budget.

You can visit Canada to experience the modern cities of Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto and move ahead toward the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Niagara Falls is another top attraction that lures millions of travelers yearly, while the nearby Gien Nature provides trails and tours.

Types of all inclusive resorts in Canada

Whale Watching Resorts

If you book your accommodation in the whale watching resorts you can imagine that you are standing on the deck of a luxurious resort and experiencing the cool ocean breeze on your face as you will be able to witness the majestic sight of whales breaching the surface of the water. The whale watching resorts in Canada will provide an extramural opportunity to discover these gentle giants up close in their natural habitat.

While staying at such a resort, experienced guides will take you on thrilling boat tours, where you will get a chance to experience an assortment of whale species, including minke whales, orcas and humpbacks.

Bear Viewing Resorts

If you are always fascinated by bears, then staying at bear viewing resorts in Canada seems to be a dream come true. The bear viewing resorts in Canada are nestled in regions where bears can roam freely like Alberta and British Columbia. The skilled or experienced guided tours will take you to prime bear viewing locations, where you can view the magnificent creature from a safer location. It can be said that staying at such resorts is truly an immersive experience for the travelers to appreciate the untamed beauty of Canada wildlife.

Bird watching Resorts

If you are bird enthusiasts, Canada seems to be paradise with its assortment range of bird species and pristine natural habitat. These resorts offer the perfect base for avid bird watchers to get indulged in their passion. When you explore the surroundings of a bird watching resort, you will be greeted by a symphony of bird songs and vibrant plumage.

1. Shamrock Bay Resort, Muskoka

Shamrock Bay Resort is spread over a large property and is known to be one of the perfect options for travelers who are looking to spend their vacation near the Greater Toronto Area. The Trent Severn Waterway is nearby, and the all-inclusive rate of the package will facilitate the visitors to access the playground, beach, picnic space, and swimming pool. There are also different courts available on the premises which are responsible for hosting sports activities. Additionally, the property is very close to Muskoka and activities are particularly designed for all age groups, like fishing, sunbathing, and boating. It falls under the category of luxury resorts in Quebec, Canada all-inclusive.

2. Fern Resort, Orilla

If you are looking for the best all-inclusive resorts in Canada for families, Fern Resort is one of the best options available which provides an all-inclusive package for all seasons. You can participate in activities available on the property such as miniature golf, basketball, biking, hiking, and badminton. The all-inclusive package offered by the property also includes a meal and dining option. You can also avail the benefit of indoor pools, saunas, and hot tubs which are available in the common areas. Additionally, the property also includes space available for meetings and conferences.

3. Bakers Narrows Lodge, Manitoba

If you are looking to spend your vacation time at one of the best luxury Canada resorts near Beach Bakers, Narrows Lodge is an ideal option that provides an all-inclusive package that facilitates the traveler to move ahead toward different lakes and grab varieties of fish. It offers a spacious accommodation room type which is a complete combination of luxury and comfort at the same time. The rooms’ type includes Micro Cottage to Master Lodge.

A plane flies travelers to different fishing spots, and ATVs assist in exploring the nation. Some of the interesting activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing. Some of the facilities include a pool table, outdoor fire pit, and space for 100 visitors to attend a conference which makes it one of the best ski resorts in Canada for couples.

4. Tetu Island Lodge, Kenora

Telu Island Lodge offers travelers prime fishing opportunities and top-notch accommodations providing different packages that include transportation, activities, and meal options. Guests can choose to stay at the lodge or the nearby cabins. The all-inclusive rate of the property includes guided fishing with equipment, motor, gas, a boat, and even baits making it one of the best ski resorts in British Columbia Canada.

5. Jouvence, Orford

If you are a traveler who is looking to experience the best of Mont-Orford National Park in Quebec, it is suggested to book a room at Jouvence. By booking your accommodation at this property, you will get an extensive list of 134 rooms which has charming elements like wood stoves and a full kitchen. The all-inclusive rate of the package covers cross country during winter and canoeing, water sports, and swimming during the summer season. When coming to meal options, it includes buffet-style breakfast and lunch along with a four-course dinner.

6. Severn Lodge, Muskoka

It comes under the category of best hot spring resorts in Canada where guests can get access to top-notch family-friendly amenities. It also provides spectacular views of the waterfront and accommodation with hot tubs and fireplaces. The all-inclusive rate of the property comes with meals and most of the amenities or facilities are available within this one of the good ski resorts in Canada all-inclusive premises such as a court for spring activities, a swimming pool, and water sports facilities. Moreover, you can enjoy fine wines and international cuisine options.

7. Mount Engadine Lodge, Kananaskis Village

Mount Engadine Lodge is known to be one of the best Canadian resorts near Vancouver which provides splendid views of nearby mountains. The all-inclusive rate of the property includes gourmet meals and afternoon tea served in the dining room. The family-friendly rooms of the resorts are comfortable and come with a private bathroom and heating facilities. Moreover, terrace and sauna options are available for the guests or they can also spend some good time in the gardens of the resort.

8. Sonora Resort, Sonora Island

Sonora Resort is one of the best 5-star resorts in Canada all-inclusive which provides private villas, suites, and elegant rooms. The all-inclusive package includes free Wi-Fi, liquor, and gourmet meals. Each accommodation room of the property includes premium quality linens and beautiful views. Moreover, the property features a tennis court, an outdoor pool, fishing ponds, a sauna, a theatre, and mineral pools. However, it is very important to remember that this property opens seasonally between May and mid-October.

9. Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello

It is recognized as one of the best spa resorts in Canada at a cheap price which bills itself as a cozy sanctuary with a warm ambience. You will be able to discover a massive fireplace in the main lounger, offering honey warmth for travelers. The visitors are allowed to access the eight treatment rooms, 3 manicures, and a pedicure station along with an indoor pool. If you are traveling with your partner you can also avail the benefit of the romantic suite, equipped with a fireplace. Facial, body treatments, and salon services are available on the menu and you can also choose Balneotherapy.

10. Kinipi Spa Nordique & Hebergement, Trois-Rivières

It is one of the best Canada whistler resorts all-inclusive which does not fall behind when it comes to wellness offers. Along with a terrace, cozy rooms, and splendid on-site dining, it is known to be home to a world-class spa with a Finish thermotherapy facility. The visitors can experience other services while staying at the property like physiotherapy, cryotherapy, and Swedish massage.

Best time to visit Canada

The peak season to visit Canada generally takes place during the summer season, mostly late June till September when the weather is warm and schools are out of session. While more rural parts of Canada still encounter lesser crowds, it is suggested to book your early visit if you are planning your trip to top attraction destinations like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Final words

Choosing the right accommodation option available on the list will help you to indulge in an immersive holiday and explore the nation to the heart’s content. However, it is advisable to check and compare the prices of the best resorts in Banff Canada in budget price so that you can get the best value for your money spent and keep aligned with your requirements. If you have any doubts or are looking to share your views or thoughts on the discussed topic, please drop a comment in the box available to you. Thanks for your valuable time.


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